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To nurse, or not to nurse: that is not a question!

Objectification of breastfeeding women

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Objectification of breastfeeding women is a process in which a whole breastfeeding woman with her unique personality and feelings is reduced to a lactating breast and/or to breastmilk that exists independently from the woman. It is distinct from sexual objectification that practices treatment of women as objects for sexual gratification.

Objectification of breastfeeding women is a process inherent to medicalization of breastfeeding because medicine focuses on biological and physiological process of lactation (milk production) as opposed to the lived experience breastfeeding (a relationship between two people). Objectification of breastfeeding women devalues women as whole human beings and affects women’s feelings of self-worth. Objectification of women has harmful effects on women’s well-being and overall health.

Objectification of breastfeeding women is most evident in images of breastfeeding in popular culture.

The October 2012 issue of Parents magazine advertises an article about breastfeeding. The image accompanying the contents entry is French lemonade bottles filled with homogenized milk that looks very different from expressed women’s milk.

The article shares that 98% of the magazine’s viewers approve of breastfeeding in public. This news gives us hope in light of the recent Adrienne Pine discrimination case. The illustration right above it suggests that women breastfeed in public to provoke and “titty-llate”.









A lactation consultant practice logo portrays a child attached to the breast. The child’s mother is lost to the viewer.





The C-Lacta Breastfeeding Coalition, Inc., a network of individuals and organizations which share the unique mission of protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding, has a logo that shows a breast with a heart that exist without a woman. The name of the organization clashes with its declared goal of supporting breastfeeding rather than milk feeding.





The Logo for a blog and Facebook community “The Leaky Boob. Breastfeeding Pub” suggests that this is a network to connect people who want to be either suckled at the breast or given breastmilk as their choice of beverage. A prominent display of a breast with leaking milk focuses on a body part, not a woman, as well as a commodity of breastmilk that can be bought and sold. In either case a breast and breastmilk exist independently of a woman.

In fact the goal of the blog and community is to connect breastfeeding women. The logo suggest that it is more of a connection for leaky boobs, not women.


Written by Medical Nemesis

September 18, 2012 at 11:03

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To nurse, or not to nurse: that is not a question!

Breast. No Bottle.

To nurse, or not to nurse: that is not a question!

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