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To nurse, or not to nurse: that is not a question!

IBCLC training and fear of women

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Medicine as a science is permeated with fear of women and nature. Science has set in to harness nature. Medicine has been waging a war on just about everything under the sun. Indeed a scary and militant attitude. When a woman embarks on the road to get a medicalized certification to help other women breastfeed, she unknowingly subjects herself to subtle and legitimatized brainwashing that will impart  women-fearing or women-hating ideas to her.

When I went through nursing and later IBCLC training, I could not help but notice that what I knew as a woman from experience can be hijacked by fear mongering “science”. Science is very number oriented and every human experience is bound to be shoved into a plot, a chart, a number. Except human experiences are so varied that they are best explored through qualitative data that is extremely complex and requires knowledge AND experience well beyond book cramming required to pass multiple choice exams that will grant you a piece of paper certifying you as the expert in this and that.

After I completed IBCLC training I made a decision to distance myself from counseling women as I deemed myself of more danger to women as somebody with a medicalized view of breastfeeding than ordinary women without any training. I knew I was infected with a virus that I could not see, but I knew I had it. You see, I knew women were brave and courageous. Many breastfeeding hurdles are overcome with hope, determination, perseverance, encouragement, and rapid turnover of troubleshooting ideas. Women gain ground in breastfeeding in uncertain situations due to confidence and knowledge that most women can and will breastfeed successfully. Medical knowledge takes this away.

The medicalized IBCLC approach draws upon the standard practice of relying on numbers to reveal “the truth”. Not unlike the labor partographers that maimed many women whose labors did not progress neatly by the graph, IBCLCs are trained to plot women’s breastfeeding progress through number oriented measures and “intervene” when women fail to fit the charts. Interventions that interfere and hijack breastfeeding usually start in the first two days postpartum because women and their newborns fails to meet  quotas of feeds, poops, or weight gain. As a result of these aggressive women-fearing and doomsday-expecting actions of medical providers many women never breastfeed. A lot of women today are destined to nurse a breastpump never experiencing the pleasure of their babies nuzzling at mothers breasts. And their babies never know the warmth of mother’s breast in their mouth, just the artificial silicone taste of a bottle nipple.

While medicine is hailed as god sent to people, women should not forget and study the history of medicine’s treatment of women as well as misogynistic philosophy that underpins medical thinking and reasoning. Only then women would be able to safely use some medical knowledge to their advantage in the few situations that do require it.

Social attitudes towards women in medicine. Have we changed?

Robert S.Mendelsohn. Male Practice. How doctors manipulate women


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July 9, 2016 at 11:03

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To nurse, or not to nurse: that is not a question!

Breast. No Bottle.

To nurse, or not to nurse: that is not a question!

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